Weekly Review: Sunday, March 30, 2014


Well, we’ve had a new addition to the Pathologically Literate family this week. Not that I’m happy about it. The Boy finally talked me into letting him adopt a Guinea Pig. I gave him a few conditions:

Said Guinea Pig must:

  • remain in basement at all times
  • remain out of my sight at all times
  • remain in its container at all times
  • have its poop cleaned out daily
  • not emit any type of scent
  • keep its beady little devil eyes the hell away from me

I am terrified of Guinea Pigs. They are creepy as hell, y’all. Those beady, creepy, evil little eyes… you can just tell they are plotting against you. I have visions of little Guinea Pig armies invading my home and crawling all over my feet – ewwwww! I swore up and down that I would never allow one in my home, but then The Boy’s fifth hamster in three months passed away, and I felt so badly for him, and… well, you know how it goes. A Guinea Pig it was. As long as all conditions are met, we should be okay. If not, that little sucker is going straight on Craigslist.

While I wasn’t dodging evil rodents, I was able to read some great books this week. Some of them were novels I’d been wanting to read for quite a while, and some were new releases from authors who were old favorites of mine. All in all, it was a good week full of good reads. Let’s take a look:

Books I read this week:

Book I’m currently reading:

Posts from the week of March 23rd:

Upcoming posts for the week of March 31st:

  • Review: Tempting Fate by Jane Green
  • Review: Above by Isla Morley
  • …and more!

Y’all, if you have not read The Kitchen House, get yourself to the library or bookstore and hook yourself up right now. It was such an amazingly wonderful book. Kathleen Grissom managed to create a tale that was both heartbreaking and heartwarming. Loved it, loved it, loved it. Tempting Fate by Jane Green, an author who I used to adore back when I was in my twenties, was a great read as well. I hadn’t enjoyed many of her more recent books, but Green really made a comeback for me with this one. Margot was a bit of a haunting novel – based on the supposition that Anne Frank’s sister survived the Holocaust and secretly lived under another identity in the U.S. Excellent, excellent book. The other three novels I read this week were also good reads; you would do well to check any of them out. In addition to some new library books, I also made a few purchases this weekend and am looking forward to an upcoming week of awesome reading experiences. Hope you have the same!

What did you read this week?


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