Bookish Roundup — June, 2017

June Roundup Collage

FIRST of all, folks, allow me to apologize for the weak graphic up above. Canva was being a b**** and I basically had to use my Commodore 64 to procure a picture for this post. If you don’t know what that is, well… that just means I’m a hell of a lot older than you are.

I  do have to say that I’m sorry to see June go by the wayside, y’all. It was a great month, full of mild, sunny weather and good reads aplenty. A month in which even I felt comfortable enough to test my boundaries a bit…

About four years ago, I began reading almost exclusively on my Kindle Paperwhite. My main source of reading material comes from the public library, and I had been having some major OCD-ish germ issues for a while by the point I received my Paperwhite as a gift. So, I gave print books up. Unfortunately, even with the awesome selection my two public libraries’ digital services offer, I was still missing out on quite a few titles that held my interest that are only available (via the library) in print. I’d been getting REALLY sick of it. Sooooo…. I checked several (print) books out from the library. I have to admit that it was touch and go at first; had I found a hair or a booger in one of the books, things would have all come tumbling down. But – no boogers!! None. Nada. Success!!!

Don’t get me wrong – I’m sure I’ll still be doing the bulk of my reading on my Paperwhite, because I do prefer it for a plethora of other reasons, but I am now indulging in one or two print books each week. I have only one problem… I need a book light! I was so used to the glow of my Paperwhite in the dark that I was lost when it came time to read in bed with my new print library books. Thus, I am currently researching book lights (because you know I can’t have just any old book light; it must be THE BEST book light). I will keep you updated, because I know y’all are waiting on bated breath to hear all about it…

Let’s take a look at the 18 books I read in June:

Yes, yes, yes. I did  continue on with my YA Fantasy binge in June. Toward the end of the month, however, I was able to break away and read into some other genres – finally! The book I want to talk about the most is Ginny Moon – oh my goodness, what a heartbreaker that one was! Ginny is a 14-year-old girl with autism. Despite being newly adopted by her Forever parents, Ginny is desperate to get back to her birth mother – for something she holds very, very dear has been left behind. Let me tell you guys – this one had ALL. THE. FEELS. Run, don’t walk, to your library to snatch that book up and get to reading, y’all! There will be a quiz… (okay, not really, but it sounded good, right?).

I have a few books in mind for my July line-up, but some of my reading will be in-the-moment choices. Gotta have that spontaneity in there sometimes, you know? Keeps you young, keeps you fresh (that’s what Grandma Choo-Choo always said, anyway). I hope you have some great reading ahead of you as well, y’all. Enjoy your Summer and… Happy Reading!!

What book(s) from your june reads would you recommend to others?


Libraries Around the World Coloring Book by Lacey Losh

cover_librariesaroundtheworld“50 libraries from across the globe have been transformed into line art coloring pages in this unique coloring book collection. These line art images will delight the adult coloring crowd as well as all ages of coloring enthusiasts.

The Libraries Around the World Coloring Book offers a first-of-its-kind combination of two current trends (the adult coloring phenomenon and little libraries) into one neat package. These coloring books feature libraries, large and small, with locations in 23 US states along with 13 countries on 6 continents!

This coloring book includes library steward stories, location details and interesting tidbits alongside the coloring sheet for each library, connecting art and education with the mental health benefits of coloring.” – Goodreads

I almost titled this post, “In Which I Don’t Even Know Where to Begin…” Do I start by professing my love and obsession for Little Free Libraries? Do I launch into a lecture about my newfound love for adult coloring books and the multitude of mental health benefits to be gained from coloring in them? Or do I simply begin by telling you about Lacey Losh’s amazing new publication, the Libraries Around the World Coloring Book?


What exactly is a Little Free Library, you ask? The Little Free Library website states:

“A Little Free Library is a “take a book, return a book” free book exchange. They come in many shapes and sizes, but the most common version is a small wooden box of books. Anyone may take a book or bring a book to share.”

The mission of Little Free Libraries is:

To promote literacy and the love of reading by building free book exchanges worldwide and to build a sense of community as we share skills, creativity and wisdom across generations.”

There are currently over 36,000 Little Free Library book exchanges around the world, bringing curbside literacy home and sharing millions of books annually. You can read more about the history of the Little Free Library movement here.

Lacey Losh, author of the Libraries Around the World Coloring Book, is the steward of a Little Free Library right here in my very own Lincoln, Nebraska. You can visit – and LIKE – the Losh Free Library Facebook Page here. Lacey collected 50 photographs of Little Free Libraries from across the globe, created line art pictures from them, and gathered them into a coloring book collection that will delight the minds of creative, coloring individuals young and old alike. Each picture also includes charming details and stories about the library it represents.

Great things about this coloring book (other than featuring LITTLE FREE LIBRARIES?!):

    • Each picture is on a page of its own, with no picture on the backside
    • The paper is of the perfect weight; even markers would work without bleeding through (NOT including Sharpies, friends!)
    • While each picture is detailed, it is not so intricate that it is difficult to color and can easily be completed in one sitting

I was so thrilled to be gifted a copy of this coloring book. The lovely pictures and charming stories, along with Lacey’s personal bio, brought tears to my eyes. Yes, I realize I am a library nerd, but I think you will be moved as well. There are two things you need to do today: visit a Little Free Library near you, and snatch up a copy of the Libraries Around the World Coloring Book! Go and get you some, y’all!

losh-free-libraryAbout the author:  Lacey Losh is a professional Digital Prepress Specialist and Graphic Designer. She is the steward of a Little Free Library in her own front yard, now in its third year of operation. She also volunteers as a Community Organizer with Common Root, a Lincoln, Nebraska-based nonprofit agency. Lacey is currently working on her second coloring book project, The Tiny Living Coloring Book. You can learn more about Lacey and her work at her website, Coloring With Lacey!

Libraries Around the World Coloring Book by Lacey Losh: Get it Today!

5 stars

Source: Lacey Losh

Library Love: April 27, 2015


Library Love is a recurring post in which I share my weekly bounty from my public libraries.




I just realized it’s been over a month since I’ve given y’all some Library Love, so here you go!


I just finished Michael Robotham’s newest novel, Life or Death, last week and it was so good! I’m hoping that his novel, The Suspect, will be, too. I’ve already finished Bret Lott’s The Hunt Club, and it was an OK read; Dead Low Tide is its sequel and I’m hoping it will be a little bit better. Cold Sassy Tree has been on my TBR list for a very long time, and I’m looking forward to getting into it. The Homecoming of Samuel Lake… what can I say, y’all? I’ve checked old Samuel out from the library multiple times and never finished the book before it was time to return it. This will be the fourth and final time I do so – it will be read, so help me God! I kept the check-outs to a minimum this week because I have quite a few ARC’s to get through for April and May; can’t wait until they’re taken care of, because I have my beloved, ever-growing TBR list to get back to work on! Until next time, y’all, Happy Reading!

Is there a book that you’ve been struggling to finish, too? Share in the comments!

Library Love: March 17, 2015


Library Love is a recurring post in which I share the weekly bounty from my public libraries.




Happy Saint Patrick’s Day, y’all! As you can see, we’ve got our green goin’ on today – how about you? I had to run out last night to buy The Boy & I Shamrock shirts for today so we would be pinch-proof. Other than that we don’t actually do much around here to celebrate the holiday (although you should check out my Pinterest Board for some fun ideas) but it’s always nice to at least dress the part. Not that anyone actually sees us since we homeschool, but at least we know we’re complying with the Irish Holiday bylaws! I found some awesome reads last week at the libraries, y’all – I’ve already cracked open a couple of them and cannot wait to get to the rest. Let’s take a look:


I will say that I’ve already read Kindred and Speak, and they were both great novels, particularly Speak. Very powerful stuff, y’all. God Don’t Like Ugly is a novel I tried to read about ten years ago but never finished (for some unknown reason) so now it’s time for Round #2! I’ve had The Paying Guests on hold for a long, long time and it’s finally my turn – woo-hoo! A Goodreads friend rated Finding Jake very highly, so I have high hopes for it. I’ve also heard great things about T. Geronimo Johnson, so Hold It ‘Til It Hurts will hopefully be a winner, as well. It looks like I’m up to my eyeballs with books this week so I’d better get crackin’. Happy Reading, y’all!

Do you do anything to celebrate good ‘ol Saint Patrick’s Day? Share below!

Kindle Unlimited: Boss or Bust?


Is Amazon showing some love for their Kindle readers, or what? The online retailers announced a new program today for Kindle users: Kindle Unlimited. Members of Kindle Unlimited will have access to over 600,000 titles, thousands of which come with free Audible audiobooks that can be listened to via Kindle tablets or the free Kindle reading app. Additionally, Kindle Unlimited members will receive a free three-month Audible membership, providing them with access to over 150,000 titles. How much will this cost you? Simply $9.99 per month. What a deal! Or is it?

Dealio-schmealio, is what I say. $9.99 per month adds up to $119.88 per year. To me, personally, the titles available via Kindle Unlimited are not worth $120.00 each year. Don’t get me wrong – there are some good ones available; just not as many as I would prefer. I am sure that there are many of you out there who will jump at this deal and it will do wonders for your reading life. More power to you! However, many of the titles that were of interest to me are either already in my personal library, or are available via my online public libraries. The rest, well, I’m willing to hoof it to the local library and read them in print – for free.

Take a look at the Kindle Unlimited trailer:



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Library Love: June 6, 2014


Library Love is a recurring post in which I share each week’s bounty from my public libraries.




It was just in and out at the local library this week, y’all. Lazy, lazy, lazy  me. For the rest of my happy little haul I raided my online libraries – don’t know if you’ve noticed, but they are my go-to place to access reading materials, as I prefer to read on my Kindle. Gasp! Calm down, book purists, I used to be one of you, too, and I do still read books in print… just not as much anymore. I won’t even get started down that road of explanation or my OCD will kick in and then I’ll be back to boycotting the local library branches… Anyway, y’all, let’s take a look at this week’s selections:

I’ve had Ruby on hold since before it was released; I’m anxious to get started on it. Mother, Mother, is supposed to be pretty intense, about a controlling mother who borders on the psychotic side of things. In Casebook, apparently a boy chronicles the dysfunction and deterioration of his family – might be a little depressing, but could be good. Fourth of July Creek received a rave review from a friend of mine on Goodreads, so I am officially intrigued enough to check it out. I’ve got some great ARC’s on my Kindle waiting to be read, as well, so it’s going to be a great week of reading ahead. Happy Reading to you all!

Do your friends’ opinions have an effect on what books you choose to read?



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Library Love: May 30, 2014



Library Love is a recurring post in which we share each week’s bounty from our public libraries.



It was just a quick trip in and out of the library this week, giving The Boy and me the chance to grab just one book each. Not much of a haul, there. Thank goodness for my online libraries! Let’s take a look at what we’ve got this week:

Pathologically Literate’s Books:

The Boy’s Books:

I’m super excited to read Super Sad True Love Story, after reading a review by a Goodreads friend. I’m always up for some Jane Green, so I’m also looking forward to Dune Road. I will tell you what – I have been on the waiting list for The Shining Girls for something like Four. Freaking. Months. Finally, finally it’s ready for me – about time, I’d say! The Boy has rebelled against all of my fiction selections for him lately and grabbed an awesome looking book about the internment of Japanese Americans during World War II. He is obsessed with World War II history, and he loooooves reading his non-fiction and trivia books. He already has several other books checked out from the library, but if I were to list them it would basically be one long page of Garfield comic book titles… he’s on a roll with those this summer. I think he’s almost all the way through them, so I won’t have to suffer through it much longer… I’m off to get my read on, y’all. Happy reading to you all!

If you have a child, does he/she prefer to read fiction or non-fiction? What about you?



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Library Love: Friday, May 23, 2014


Library Love is a recurring post in which I share each week’s bounty from my public libraries.



Now, y’all, I must admit that I wasn’t too concerned about getting my bum to the library over the last week while I was participating in the Bout of Books 10 read-a-thon, but I did have a few books on hold that became available to be checked out. It all worked out very well, in that without even trying, I got some really great books sitting here just waiting to be read! Win-win, y’all, win-win. Let’s take a look at what I pulled in:

In addition to looking forward to reading all of the above books, I also got some other great news on the literary front this week: I was the winner of a Goodreads First Reads Giveaway! Even better, it’s a book I’ve just been dying to read: The End of Always by Randi Davenport. Even better than that, UPS already delivered it yesterday afternoon. Tres, tres excited, y’all! I’m off to get my read on now – Happy Reading to you all!

Is there a particular book you’ve been anxious to read lately? Share it with us!



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George Washington: Library Deadbeat


A couple of weeks ago, I shared with you my debacle with the local library: fines and a lost book. Yikes! After doing a little reading this week, however, I don’t feel quite as loser-ish. Our first President has me beat:

Five months into his first term, George Washington borrowed two books from the historic New York Society Library. One of these was a legal manifesto, the “Law of Nations”, concerning international relations. The second tome was a volume of debates from Britain’s House of Commons.

The two books were due to be returned on November 2, 1789. Alas, they were not. Instead, they remained sequestered at Washington’s Virginia home. While library officials did not actively pursue locating the books, they did wonder if they would ever see them again.

Well, y’all, in 2010, after 221 years, the “Law of Nations” was returned to the New York Society Library by the Mount Vernon staff. Thankfully, late fees were waived. According to The Guardian, “At today’s prices, adjusted for inflation, he would face a late fine of $300,000.”

Suddenly I feel a little bit better about my lost book. Somehow I’m sure we’ll be returning The Diary of a Wimpy Kid in less than 221 years…

Have you ever returned a library book past its due date?



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