Book Rest Lamp Casts a Shine on Your Bedside


Check out this adorable Book Rest Lamp!

“Reading in bed never felt so charming!  Add whimsy and style to your home decor with the Book Rest Lamp.  While reading it provides a warm glow to illuminate your book.  When you’re done reading, simply place your book on the lamp to mark your place.  The Book Rest Lamp is sure to, ahem, brighten your day.  Just add your favorite book!” – from

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Would you use this lamp as a nightly “bookmark”-slash-nightlight?



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The Enlightenment Book Lamp Sheds a New Light


You may have heard of the lamp of enlightenment before, but I’ve found something that might be even better – The Enlightenment Book Lamp. Made out of white plexiglass, this book-shaped lamp is lit with a 9-watt energy saving bulb; the words “The Enlightenment” are embossed on the binding and front cover. Con: it has a European plug, so you would need an adapter – and the lamp costs a whopping $113. Pro: ten percent of the proceeds go to fund education projects facilitated by the Edukans Foundation. Now that is enlightening.


Would you add this lamp to your bookshelves or bedside table?


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Want It, Need It, Gotta Have It…


Introducing… My future new bedside table lamp:

Meet Lumio : Lumio is a modern lamp that unfolds from a book. It has a minimalist yet poetic design aesthetic that blends hand-crafted wood cover with durable water resistant “pages” containing high performing LED. Its unique design allows you to transform its shape based on your needs.”

How awesome is this?! It hardly takes up any space during the day, and at night it’s as simple as opening and closing a book! So, so tres cool. Want it, need it, gotta have it.

Lumio Video

See my future new bedside table lamp in action!