Happy Book Lovers’ Day!


Source: Ghergich & Co

HAPPY BOOK LOVERS’ DAY, Y’ALL! Now, this is my kind of holiday. To celebrate, we went to the bookstore and bought The Boy a couple of books that he’s pretty excited about. My beloved BFF gifted me with an Amazon gift card, so I’ll be picking out a couple of books of my own for my Kindle – ones I’ve been dying to read but are usually too expensive… All around a pretty great holiday, I would say! Speaking of book related holidays, I was doing a little reading, and discovered a few more:

So there you have it, folks – six bookish holidays to keep you celebrating all year round. Now, there may be even more out there – these are just the few that I found in a very limited search. If you find more, let us know here at Pathologically Literate and we’ll post them for future reference!

Are you doing anything to celebrate Book Lovers’ Day? What other bookish holidays do you know about?