A New Look for a New Season


I love Spring! I love the sunshine. I love the leaves, budding on the trees. I love the flowers, beginning to poke up from the ground. I love the little birds that return to the tree outside my bedroom window after the long, cold winter. Most of all, however, I love the feeling that everything (including me) is being granted a fresh start to life. I always flourish during the Springtime – my mood is a little cheerier, my health is a little better, my complexion is a little brighter… I decided the Pathologically Literate blog deserved a little freshening up, as well. Hope you enjoy it!

Do you like to have a fresh start in the Spring?



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Will You Look at Who Crawled Out From Under Her Rock?


Well, friends, I. Am. Back. It’s been a crazy couple of months for us here at the Pathologically Literate Household and my good ol’ OCD brain couldn’t focus on reading books & blogging about them while dealing with other, more pressing matters. LIke what, you ask? Well, in mid-August I made the long-considered yet last-minute decision that I was going to homeschool The Boy. Yes, indeed. Major changes, fo sho. It’s rather a long story, and I’ll go into it in a later post. But suffice it to say that I’ve been busy researching homeschooling methods, choosing curricula, organizing our schoolroom, and obsessing about the subject in any and every other way possible. With the exception of homeschooling blogs and books, I think I’ve only read about three or four actual novels in the last two months. That used to be my weekly consumption – yikes! Hopefully once things settle down, my reading will pick back up – I miss it.

So here’s the deal, folks. I started this blog as a book blog. All the “experts” say that you need to pick a blog topic and stick to it, never straying into other territory. But, but, but… I really, really feel the call to blog about our homeschooling experience in addition to my adventures in reading. I hope this decision doesn’t drive any of you away, and I hope that new readers will find something worthwhile in what I have to say. I’ll still be reading and reviewing books, just… not as many. I hope that you will stay with me during this journey of change, growth, and learning – for both The Boy and myself.

Thank you so, so much for sticking around while I was gone, y’all. It’s good to know I’ve got my peeps!