Library Love: December 19, 2014


Library Love is a recurring post in which I share my weekly bounty from my public libraries.



Surprise, surprise, y’all – I made it to the local library this week! Granted, it was only to run in and out to pick up some books I’d had on hold, but I’m going to go ahead and say it counts! Next week I’m taking The Boy there to pick out some more books of his own, so I’ll actually be spending some time within the four walls for once. Funnily enough, the two books I picked up at the local library are the two I’m the most excited to read! Let’s take a look at this week’s haul:

In a nod to Kent Haruf’s recent passing, I will be reading Plainsong. I’ve checked out Evergreen in the past, but this time plan to actually read it. The Kept – y’all, I’m already reading this one, and it is something to behold. So many of my Goodreads friends have read or are planning to read A Spy Among Friends, so I feel beholden to do so as well… I’ve been looking forward to reading The Book of Unknown Americans for quite a while, and I also just found out it is the book for January’s discussion in my Literary Fiction by People of Color book group on Goodreads, so – win/win, right? And, drum roll, please… the new Ron Rash is here!! I just discovered Ron Rash a couple of years ago, but really got into him in 2014 – his new collection of short stories (and I believe some poetry) – Something Rich and Strange – was released not long ago and now it’s my turn to read it. As Flavia de Luce would say, “Yaroo!” And, of course, Happy Reading, y’all!

Is there a particular book you’ve been wanting to read this holiday season? Share in the comments!



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