Library Love: December 12, 2014


Library Love is a recurring post in which I share my bounty from my public libraries.



Alas, I did not visit my local library this week, y’all – however, I’m never very far from my trusty laptop and thus my online libraries saw plenty of me this week. It’s not that I don’t like going to the actual library (besides the whole leaving my house and going out in public part), I do. But I truly do prefer reading on my Kindle Paperwhite. Sorry, y’all, but that’s the way it is. I never – in a million years – would have guessed I would have forged this alliance, but… it is done. A Kindlephile I am. Oooh, and have you seen the new Kindle Voyage? Oh, Sweet Baby Jaysus, y’all, I just swoon when I look at it on Amazon! Heaven, y’all, heaven. Enough about my Kindle obsession, though – let’s take a look at what I’ll be reading next week:

I’ve had my eye on Blue Asylum for a while, and now that I’m going through a bit of a historical fiction obsession, I went for it. The Miniaturist has been on hold for me forever, and it finally became available – finally. Betrayed is part of a series I’ve been reading for years and years, so I don’t know if I’m reading it out of duty or for pleasure – I’ll let you know which afterward. Night Film. Ahhh, Night Film, how many times have I checked you out and returned you unread? Will this finally be your chance? Let’s hope so. The Objects of Her Affection is actually a book I stumbled upon accidentally while looking for a similarly titled novel – it sounded a bit intriguing so I went for it; hopefully it will be a happy surprise. Wish me luck, y’all – and Happy Reading!

What was the last “happy surprise” novel you read?



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