Library Love – December 4, 2014



Library Love is a recurring post in which I share my most current bounty from my public libraries.



Library Love is back, y’all! It has been quite a while since I’ve shared my public library hijinks with you, and it’s high time we get back on track, don’t you think? I certainly haven’t been reading on the same level as last year, when I was averaging about one book per day towards the second half of the year. I’m hitting things more at about three, maybe four books a week these days. The only problem this presents is that I can’t borrow the same number of books I’m used to borrowing in just one batch. Alas, I now must wait longer for some of that literary goodness I crave so badly – something I’m not used to doing. Life is all about changes, though, right? Speaking of changes, let’s change the subject and take a look at what I borrowed from my libraries this week:

I’m going to be reading Natchez Burning for my Mysteries and Crime Thrillers Group on Goodreads; my OCD is in major overdrive, though, because it is fourth in a series, and I’ve not read any of the preceding novels. Lord help me. It’s also an 800-page novel, so I’m fairly anxious about whether or not I’m going to like it – I so do not want to spend four days reading a crappy book! I’m so excited to read All the Light We Cannot See – everyone seems to love it, and I sure hope it lives up to the hype. My good friend, Sue, loved the HBO mini-series based on Olive Kitteridge which inspired me to buckle down and finally read the novel. I’ve really become a fan of historical fiction over the last year or so, and am looking forward to Murder at the Brightwell. Garden Spells is somewhat of a homework assignment/OCD symptom: I’m set to review Sarah Addison Allen’s First Frost next month and thus must read the preceding novel in the series to satisfy my OCD – especially after the whole Greg Iles snafu! I’ve got some great reading set up to keep me busy for the next week or two, and can’t wait to get started. Hope y’all have got some exciting reads waiting for you, as well. Until next time, Happy Reading!

What was the last book you checked out of your local library?



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