Read It First, People!



I have thus far withheld my rant about The Fault In Our Stars, movie version. Unfortunately, I overheard two teenagers discussing it at Scooters (my fave local coffeeshop) the other day and I cannot hold back any longer. WHO did the casting for this movie? They got it ALL WRONG. I have boycotted the movie, FYI. Hazel and Gus look nothing like the two weirdos that were cast on that big screen; I cannot even imagine sullying the fabulousness that is TFIOS by stepping foot in a theatre to watch them.

Which brings me to my main point. I wanted to walk over to the aforementioned teenyboppers and tap them on the shoulder and suggest that they try READING THE BOOK. I’m sorry, but the book is always better. It’s always better, and if you’re going to ruin it by seeing the movie, then you should always read the book first. ALWAYS.


I’m glad we had this chat. Have a great weekend.

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