Weekly Review: Sunday, June 15, 2014


Summer is coming into full swing, y’all, and The Boy sure knows it! He spent some time at the swimming pool this week and came home with the Sunburn from Hell. I put Poppie in charge of the sunscreen and unfortunately he did not acquire that of the waterproof variety… thus The Boy resembled a boiled lobster. There are even a few blisters – yikes! Poor little guy. While he was recuperating at home, I actually got out of the house for once and headed out to the country to visit a close friend for the first time in ages. It was nice to have some “grown-up time” away from the kiddos. I didn’t know how much I needed it until I was there! As always, however, I made time for my reading – and read I did. There were some good ones this week:

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The Forgotten Seamstress was much more engrossing than I had expected, and I read through it pretty quickly. Dune Road was another Jane Green hit – in my eyes, anyway. The Shining Girls – wow. Wow, wow, wow. What an amazing novel! A serial killer who stalks his victims via time travel, and a surviving victim who stalks him right back? Awesome, y’all, just awesome. Mother, Mother was creepy as hell. Talk about your dysfunctional families – Josephine Hurst is one sick Mama. It’s definitely worth a read as well. I kind of hit a wide spectrum of genres this week, didn’t I? Historical Fiction, semi-Chick Lit, Thriller-Fantasy, and Contemporary. Whew! I was all over the place! I like it, though – keeps me on my toes. Have a great week, y’all – and Happy Reading!

Do you have a favorite genre of books that you prefer to read?



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