Weekly Review: Sunday, June 1, 2014


All right, y’all, Summer is officially here! Well, I suppose according to the calendar, it’s not officially officially here, but we’re not going to get all technical here. June 1st is close enough for me. It is hard for me to believe how quickly this year is passing. We’re planning to do some part-time homeschooling over the summer – not quite sure how that’s going to go, since The Boy has visions of days full of friends, swimming and sun. So I suppose I’ll keep you updated on that front. We don’t really have a lot of plans other than that for this season; we tend to stick close to home. We’ll fit in a few day trips here and there, and of course some fun field trips here in town, and call it a day. Of course, we will be spending some extra time at the library – sometimes it’s nice to get out of the house and go hang out there for part of the day, instead of just getting in and out like we usually do. Speaking of the library and library books, I read some great ones this week:

Books I read this week:

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  • Review: All Fall Down by Jennifer Weiner
  • …and more!

Where There’s Smoke was hands down the best piece of fiction I read this week. To my chagrin, it was merely a short story, a prelude of sorts to Jodi Picoult’s upcoming novel Leaving Time, due out in October, 2014. The Sweet By and By was far exceeded by my expectations; the actual book was not at all what I had hoped it would be. All Fall Down was absolutely captivating – about a wife and mother whose addiction to painkillers spirals out of control; it was very powerful stuff. Silver Bay was, of course, yet another Jojo Moyes success. I’ve got a great set of novels lined up for the coming week – can’t wait to get moving on those! Hope you all had a great week of reading as well, and I wish you all… Happy Reading!



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