Library Love: May 30, 2014



Library Love is a recurring post in which we share each week’s bounty from our public libraries.



It was just a quick trip in and out of the library this week, giving The Boy and me the chance to grab just one book each. Not much of a haul, there. Thank goodness for my online libraries! Let’s take a look at what we’ve got this week:

Pathologically Literate’s Books:

The Boy’s Books:

I’m super excited to read Super Sad True Love Story, after reading a review by a Goodreads friend. I’m always up for some Jane Green, so I’m also looking forward to Dune Road. I will tell you what – I have been on the waiting list for The Shining Girls for something like Four. Freaking. Months. Finally, finally it’s ready for me – about time, I’d say! The Boy has rebelled against all of my fiction selections for him lately and grabbed an awesome looking book about the internment of Japanese Americans during World War II. He is obsessed with World War II history, and he loooooves reading his non-fiction and trivia books. He already has several other books checked out from the library, but if I were to list them it would basically be one long page of Garfield comic book titles… he’s on a roll with those this summer. I think he’s almost all the way through them, so I won’t have to suffer through it much longer… I’m off to get my read on, y’all. Happy reading to you all!

If you have a child, does he/she prefer to read fiction or non-fiction? What about you?



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