Bout of Books 10: Day 6


So…. Day Six of Bout of Books 10 didn’t work out as well as the past five days did. I was all set to read this great book that I’d borrowed from my online digital library, but then – it vanished. Yes, y’all, I had ignorantly planned to read a book that was due on the day I was going to read it. Smart, huh? So, with just a couple of reading hours left to my day, I whipped out a trio of short stories by Michael Connelly and tore into those instead. Let’s take a look:

Number of books read on Saturday:

  • 1

Total number of books completed:

  • 7

Books read:

Now, I must admit that Angle of Investigation, while a compilation of short stories, still only compares in length to a short novella. So, I don’t claim to take credit for reading an entire novel here or anything like that. But, it was a nice little taste of Michael Connelly and his trademark character Harry Bosch, and so I have no regrets. I’m looking at reading Charlaine Harris’s newest novel for the last day of the read-a-thon, so check back tomorrow for Update #7!



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