Bout of Books 10: Day 3


Three days into Bout of Books 10! I had a bit more down time yesterday than I had previously this week, so I got a good bit of reading done, finishing one book and completing another entire novel, as well. Score one for Pathologically Literate! Let’s take a look:

Number of books read on Wednesday:

  • 1.5

Total number of books read:

  • 4

Books read:

I definitely was not shocked and awed by Still Life With Bread Crumbs – Quindlen kind of left me hanging with this one. Looking for Alaska, though – oh! This was my second John Green novel, and while nothing will ever live up to The Fault in Our Stars, it was still pretty darn great! I’m fairly certain (and certainly hopeful) that I’ve got some more great ones in my stash for this week, so stay tuned tomorrow for Update #4!



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