Library Love, Family Edition: April 18, 2014




Library Love is a recurring post in which we share each week’s bounty from our public libraries.


Oh, y’all, it happened again. I already had a fairly good-sized haul from the libraries, when wouldn’t you know it – all kinds of books I had on hold came up for check-out. I hate to pass them up, too, so I went ahead and checked them out. Thus, we’re looking at a couple of weeks of a mad reading frenzy in the Pathologically Literate household! The Boy had a couple of books on hold, too, that became available – but two books are much more manageable than six, wouldn’t you say? Yikes, y’all. I hope I can do this. Wish me luck! Here’s a look at what we brought in this week:

Pathologically Literate Haul:

The Boy’s Haul:

SO excited to read This Dark Road to Mercy! I loved Wiley Cash’s last book, A Land More Kind Than Home, and I’m hoping this one is just as great. Who Asked You? is Terry McMillan’s first book in quite a while – love me some Terry McMillan, y’all. She’s been a favorite of mine for years and years. No Rest for the Dead is going to be an interesting read: each chapter is written by a different bestselling author, featuring their corresponding famed “character” that they write about, yet each chapter is interrelated. Did I explain that well enough? I’m equally intrigued by The Yonahlossee Riding Camp for Girls – I don’t know much about it, but I’ve had it on my TBR list since before it was released, so I’ll finally get to cross it off. But you know what, y’all, I will tell you what – no matter how many books I cross off my TBR list, it just keeps getting longer. And longer. And longer. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? You tell me…

How long is your TBR list?



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