Library Love: April 11, 2014

Library Love is a recurring post in which we share each week’s bounty from our public libraries.


Y’all are going to be soooo proud of me. Four – that’s right, four – of this week’s library books are actual books, as in physical, hold-in-your-hand, paper-and-ink books. Is that progress or what? Pathologically Literate = 1, OCD = 0. Now, I haven’t necessarily read them yet, but it’s all about the baby steps, right? It helps that two of them are brand-new items, and the other two are only a couple of months old, so there’s less chance of gooberage inside. So, we’ll see how I do and I’ll fill you in next week. In the meantime, let’s take a look at the awesome haul I pulled:

Loteria and This is Where I Leave You have both been on my TBR list for ages, and I’m so glad that I’m finally going to be crossing them off the list. Loteria, especially – I’ve been very intrigued by chatter I’ve heard about it. I really enjoyed the last Jonathan Tropper book I read, so I’m hopeful that This Is Where I Leave You will keep the momentum going. Two of my “secret pleasure” series have new books out, so I’m looking forward to reading both Accused and Killer – even though I’ve drifted away from that thriller/mystery genre, there are still five or six authors/series I continue to follow faithfully. Last but not least, there is Whistling Past the Graveyard – I’m super-anxious to read this one! It sounds like it would be just a wonderful book – I hope my expectations aren’t too high. Because that never happens. Never. Ever. I’m so happy with the books I found this week – I hope that if you made it to the library this week, you found some good reads, as well. Until next week, y’all, Happy Reading!

Have you been to your library recently?



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