What We Did in September…


As you may know, September was Hispanic Heritage Month here in the good old U.S. of A. While The Boy was home from school for most of the month, we weren’t “officially” homeschooling yet (as far as following any specific curricula, etc). We did take a few trips to the public library, however, and had some great experiences there.

What We Saw:

  • Hispanic/Latino Artwork Display: We trekked across town to visit a library we don’t usually visit to view artwork shared by members of the local Latino community as well as people who have lived in Latin countries on display in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month.
  • Hispanic Heritage Dance Presentation and Movie Day: We enjoyed viewing a movie about a young man’s coming of age with the help of his curandera. The cultural dance group Kurumi performed just prior to the movie presentation – it was absolutely beautiful.
  • Hispanic Heritage Read-in: Latino and Latina community members from a variety of backgrounds celebrated Hispanic Heritage Month by volunteering to share part of their culture by reading stories and poems, and sharing a bit about themselves. There were Hispanic themed crafts available for the children; they were a little young for The Boy, but he dug in anyway!

What We Listened To:

  • Fiestas by Jose-Luis Orozco

What We Read:

Where would we be without our beloved libraries?! It was a great month full of other learning opportunities, as well. On another note: we begin “officially” homeschooling today – can’t wait to see what adventures that will bring to us!

Did you do anything to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month in September? Tell us all about it!

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