Book Binge – July, 2013

Oh, y’all, July was a banner month for book-buying! Thanks to Book Gorilla and all my free Amazon gift cards from SwagBucks, my total out of pocket cost was $4.73. It doesn’t get better than that, folks. Now all all I have to do is stop checking out so many library books so I can start reading the ones I actually own! Take a look at the awesome haul I pulled in:

Now, I have already read a couple of these books, but had previously checked them out from the library and really wanted my own copies. Some of the titles were ones I may not have normally purchased, but at such low prices, it was worth it. For example, The Hangman’s Daughter books were only $0.99 each – awesome price, right? Plus the fact that with my Amazon gift cards, they were free for me. So, totally worth it once I get around to reading them. Other books were ones that I’ve been wanting to read for a while now {some for quite a while!}. In addition to signing up for the free newsletter from Book Gorilla, you can also find good deals on Kindle books on the Amazon website itself. Look for the Kindle Daily Deals; they also offer Monthly Deals at $3.99 or less. There are a ton of other resources out there, too – all you have to do is look. Books, books, everywhere, people!

Do you have a Kindle? Where do you find deals on Kindle books?

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