Yet Another Failure of the Public School System

Borrowers Pic3

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From Kindergarten through Third Grade, my absolute favorite book to check out from the Bryant Elementary School library was The Borrowers by Mary Norton. I absolutely adored that book, I adored every single thing about it. I cannot even tell you how many times I read it. If you looked at the library card in the back of the book, all you saw was pretty much my name, over and over. And they knew! The librarians knew how much in love I was with The Borrowers! And yet. And. Yet.

I now stumble upon the fact that it is a freaking series?! A series?! A series of five entire books about Arietty, Pod, and Homily?! WTF?! How did those so-called school librarians fail to inform me of this so many years ago? Were they really that heartless and uncaring? Or were they simply just ignorant?

Devastated. I am simply devastated at all of the years that were wasted, when I could have been cherishing the Borrower-y goodness of the final four books. Oh, the humanity!


These are going on my Christmas list this year fo sho:

  1. The Borrowers {1952} by Mary Norton
  2. The Borrowers Afield {1954} by Mary Norton
  3. The Borrowers Afloat {1959} by Mary Norton
  4. The Borrowers Aloft {1961} by Mary Norton
  5. The Borrowers Avenged {1982} by Mary Norton

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