Review: Learning to Swim by Sara J. Henry

Learning to Swim “If I’d blinked, I would have missed it. But I didn’t, and I saw something fall from the rear deck of the opposite ferry: a small, wide-eyed human face, in one tiny frozen moment, as it plummeted toward the water.”
When she sees what looks like a child tumbling from a ferry into frigid Lake Champlain, Troy Chance dives in without thinking. When she gets the child to shore she discovers that his name is Paul, he speaks only French—and no one seems to be looking for him.
Her determination to protect Paul pulls Troy from her quiet life in a small Adirondack town into an unfamiliar world of wealth and privilege in Canada and then in Vermont. Her attachment to him—and the danger she faces when she tries to unravel the mystery of his abandonment—force her to evaluate everything she thought true about herself.
Sara J. Henry’s riveting, award-winning debut will keep readers engrossed right up to its shattering conclusion. – Goodreads

As Learning to Swim by Sara J. Henry opens, Troy Chance witnesses a young boy being thrown off of a ferry into the icy cold waters of Lake Champlain. She immediately takes action and rescues the boy, finding that a sweatshirt has been wrapped around him, with it’s sleeves tied tightly to pin his arms to his sides. Troy is hesitant to call the police, worrying that the boy (named Paul) will be returned to the people who tried to hurt him. She launches an investigation of her own, searching for where – and to whom – young Paul belongs. What Troy finds out – and the risky exploits that follow – is more than she ever expected to encounter in the quiet life she is used to leading.

A lot of the storyline in Learning to Swim is not very realistic – but that is the magic of books, is it not? I did enjoy reading this, realistic or not. It was a good whodunit that didn’t require a lot of brain power on my part, yet it kept me engaged enough to stay interested throughout the entire book. Henry was able to surprise me with quite the little twist at the end. Well played, Ms. Henry… It turns out that Learning to Swim is the first book in a fledgling series, the second book of which is A Cold and Lonely Place. Yes, friends, I have placed this on my TBR list. As should you – with Learning to Swim.

3.5 out of 5 stars

Source: Free Library of Philadelphia Digital Library

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