Library Love – June 19, 2013

librarylovelogo1Library Love is a recurring post in which I share each week’s bounty from the public library.

Well, y’all… This week I may or may not have been what my blogging idol, A Reader’s Respite, calls a library whore. Yes, yes, it’s true… I got a little jiggy with my library cards. That’s the problem sometimes when you belong to not one, but two separate public library systems. It all started when I read this blog post by one of my Goodreads friends. It all just went downhill from there. Here’s what I left with:

I know, I know! Plus, I’ve still got library books to read from my last library trip, plus two advanced reader’s copies to review! But I’m really excited to see if Big Brother lives up to all the hype it’s been getting. I’ve wanted to read Shanghai Girls, like, forev-ah; same with The Sisters Brothers. And I’m always down with another Crombie novel. All in all, my friends, it will be a very busy week of reading, reading, reading in the Pathologically Literate Household. Ah, just the way I like it…

Have you made it to the library this week? What goodies did you find?

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