Reading With Kids: Reading Comprehension

Book Report Pic

I’ve shared many times the importance we place on reading here in the Pathologically Literate Household. And while we’ve increased Reading Time to 60 minutes daily during the summer months, I still felt like we needed to be doing more. I’ve decided we’re going to mix things up a bit with some book reports, as well as some live book discussions using guided reading questions. Oh, The Boy will be soooo disgusted pleased when I tell him about this!

There are many places online where you can find guided reading questions for specific books. For example, The Boy is currently reading The Strange Case of Oragami Yoda by Tom Angleberger. I found a list of guided reading comprehension questions for Oragami Yoda here. I was also able to find a general list of reading comprehension questions here that can apply to any book a child is reading – there is a list for fiction books and one for non-fiction books.

Another option we’re going to explore is completing some book reports. I’m not looking for anything complex, like the three to four page reports The Boy has to write at school. I’m just looking for something short and sweet to keep him thinking about the book a little bit longer, demonstrating some brief reading comprehension and perhaps sharing some informed opinions. Of course, I immediately went on the lookout for some free printable book report forms


I really liked this colorful printable (From

2013-06-12 20_26_48-Book Report Templates - Fiction - Mystery - Plot - Setting _ abcteach

The site I found this form on has a virtual treasure trove of book report forms! (From

It remains to be seen how The Boy will react to this new development in our Summer Reading Routine, but you can be assured that he will be hard at work! For more ideas about Reading With Kids, check out my – wait for it – Reading With Kids Pinterest Board.

Are you doing anything in particular to promote Summer Reading with your kids?

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