Library Love – May 17, 2013


Library Love is a recurring post in which I share each week’s bounty from the public library.

I tried, y’all. I tried. I tried so hard to stay away from my online libraries so I could work on books I already own, but… Every Tuesday, new books are added to the online digital libraries I belong to. It was my duty to at least review what was to now be available to me, right? Right? And then my hand took on a life of its own, moving and clicking as it borrowed and reserved and searched and saved… At least I was able to keep the count down to eight books. Well, until the reserved books start coming in…

I’m really looking forward to reading Icy Sparks, about a young girl with Tourette’s Syndrome – although I checked out a few reviews, and apparently everyone but Oprah really hated it. Will this be another DEOTO? We’ll have to wait and see… I hope everyone has a happy week of reading – and don’t forget to visit your local library!

Did you visit your library this week? Did you find anything exciting?

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