Mother’s Day Printable Bookmark Project

The Boy and I were scouring the web for Mother’s Day gift ideas for Grammy (my mother, his grandmother). Of course, we decided, what could be better than a bookmark? Everyone needs a good bookmark! Grammy is a college professor, so she definitely would be able to put some bookmarks to use. Our minds were made up. We found these great printable Mother’s Day bookmarks by Amy at Living Locurto:


There were black and white versions, too:


Click on the pictures above to be taken to Living Locurto where you will be able to download and print the templates for yourself!

After printing the templates on cardstock, we cut the bookmarks out.

bookmark cut-out

At this point, it would add a great touch to use a hole punch at the top of each bookmark and tie on some ribbons to jazz things up a bit. We are lazy losers so we did not do this. I still think our bookmarks looked nice, though:

bookmark fan

The boy decorated an envelope, which we then put the bookmarks in to deliver to Grammy on Mother’s Day. Hope she likes them!

Are you celebrating Mother’s Day tomorrow? What kind of bookish gift did you give Mommy Dearest?

3 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Printable Bookmark Project

  1. Carrie says:

    Please consider expanding your reading or at least an area of reading to include those of us who can’t read as much. I would like it if you posted articles, editorials, blog posts – I could send you a few ( : and then we could all read the articles and review and post comments with our thoughts. This would cover some important aspects: A. Involves reading B. Appeals to a larger crowd C. Be more fun for me, duh

    • Pathologically Literate says:

      Thank you for your helpful suggestions. I will take them into consideration. If you have any further ideas or suggestions for blog content, please feel free to email me at: pathologicallyliterate (at) gmail (dot) com.

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