Book Binge – April, 2013

Yes, people, I realize it’s May. So I’m a little late to the game. But I had to tell you about all of the free books I got for my Kindle during the month of April. Amazon often has great deals on Kindle books and if you keep your eyes open you can score some great content. Now, there are several sites and newsletters that showcase these deals, and I will highlight several of them for you in a future post. The books I share with you today were all purchased via BookGorilla, an e-newsletter for free/cheap Kindle books, or with free Amazon gift cards that I earned through Swagbucks. Swagbucks is an online rewards program that allows users to earn digital dollars which are then redeemed for real-life select merchandise or gift cards – again, future post (aren’t you sick of hearing that?). I tend to use the SwagBucks that I personally earn exclusively for Amazon gift cards, which I in turn use exclusively for Kindle content – it’s the only way I can afford to buy books these days…

Oh, I’m so excited about some of these books! I’ve been wanting to read some of them so badly, and they haven’t been available through the library. Squeee! A few of them are books I’ve read previously, but at a price of free or nearly so, decided to add to my Kindle library. Check out these great titles:

*Indicates books that have been previously read

Ninety-nine cents, people. $0.99! That is how much I paid out-of-pocket for all of these books. With a combination of great deals found via Book Gorilla (as well as my own savvy shopping skills, I might add) and many free Amazon gift cards from Swagbucks, I paid absolutely no cash for the remainder of these great reads. How can you pass that up? Check out and today!

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