Library Love – April 29, 2013


Library Love will be a recurring post in which I share with you each week’s round-up of library books.

So, this is where I admit to you that I belong to not one, but two public libraries… Gasp! I know – book nerd extraordinaire, aren’t I? I, of course, belong to and financialy support (via overdue and expired hold fees) Lincoln City Libraries here in Lincoln, NE. Since obtaining my Amazon Kindle Paperwhite, however, I have also acquired a membership with the Free Library of Philadelphia. Obviously I can only use the FLP Digital Downloads Library from all the way over here in the Midwest, but it works out so well – they have many Kindle books that LCL does not, and vice-versa. Now, for the time being, you can just assume that all of the library books I mention are in Kindle form, unless I indicate otherwise. Books I currently have checked out are:

I’m really excited about some of these books – I’ve been on the holds list for a few of them for what seems like forever. I’ve already finished The Twelve Tribes of Hattie and Tapestry of Fortunes and they were both so good (be looking for reviews on both of these sometime in the next couple of weeks). Obviously it will take me more than a week to read the rest of these books, so it may be more than seven days before the next Library Love – hopefully you can handle the suspense…

What are you reading this week? Did you check out any books from your library?

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