I Am So Super-Cool (and, Welcome!)

OK, so, I understand that, traditionally, I should be writing my first post about the nature of this blog and what you can expect to see here – like book reviews, gushing about my Kindle, random ramblings about books, reading, and life in general, etc, etc. No time for that right now, people! You need to hear all about why I am so super-cool…

One of my favorite new authors (to protect her privacy, we shall call her Usan-Say) is coming out with a new book. I received an ARC and posted on Twitter that I’d just finished reading it. Shortly thereafter, I received a notification that Usan-Say is now following me on Twitter. Super-cool, I thought, but not unheard of. The next day, I received a notification that Usan-Say was now following me on Goodreads. She totally looked me up – OMG! Now, of course simply following me was not good enough for me, so I immediately sent her a friend request (which she promptly accepted, I might add).

Hang with me people, because there is more.

The next morning, Goodreads notified me that I had a message. Odd, I thought. No one sends me messages on Goodreads. My only friends on Goodreads are book bloggers who I stalk relentlessly and my best friend’s sister who hates me. Wellll… it was from USAN-SAY! It said, and I quote, “Dear Sasha, you are so super-cool. Will you be my new BFF? Love, Usan-Say”. What, you don’t believe me? OK, here is the real message:

Goodreads - Message from Susan MacNeal

I think she has a secret code in there somewhere, though, with a more personal message, don’t you (Usan-Say is all about the secret codes)? Either way – love Goodreads, love Usan-Say, and this totally made my day. I hope that something I write might do the same for you one of these days. Welcome to Pathologically Literate.

3 thoughts on “I Am So Super-Cool (and, Welcome!)

  1. Carrie says:

    Usan Say will NOT be your new BFF because I am the reigning champion and shall never be replaced. And my sister does not hate you she is just a feisty little soul. Plus, with all your new fame and following, it is not long before all us riff raff are left behind. Hey…. Left Behind, there’s a book you once tried to have me read (one of many). You could revisit books from your past and review them too.

    • Pathologically Literate says:

      Janis IS a feisty little soul, and that is why I have been her #1 fan since she was in high school with that short spiky hair with the white highlights… oh, she was so cool – and still is. I can’t believe I tried to make you read Left Behind. That is so not the book for you – sorry! But I know better now, so you’d better get to work on The Fault In Our Stars, pronto!

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